Why you should make a personal website

A personal website can be thought of as like your ‘home’ on the internet. It is a way to make yourself stand out from the competition. It helps you control your online presence and build a personal brand. It also makes it easier for potential employers to find you.

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Still need convincing? See the 5 reasons below why you should make a personal website (especially if you are looking for a job).

Control your online presence

Having a personal website helps you to control the first few results for your name on Google. Depending on how common your name is, registering a domain with your first and last name and linking it from all your social media sites will push it to the top of the search rankings. A contact us page on your site allows people to get in touch with you quickly and easily.

A website is a digital portfolio

We all know we should keep our CV up to date, but a website can be continuously refreshed with your latest work and news. It is also more flexible than the traditional CV format allowing you to showcase the projects that you’ve worked on. It’s a way of giving employers more of a sense of your personality while remaining professional.

It’s a place to share your knowledge and expertise

One of the best ways to build your personal brand is to write online. By sharing your knowledge and expertise on a blog, you can build up a reputation as the go-to person in your specific domain that will bring you to the attention of employers.

It gives you the chance to learn valuable skills

Learning to code websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript makes you very attractive to employers. Other skills like writing engaging copy, UI/UX design, and SEO are also massively in demand. This combination of technical knowledge and creative flair shows the value you can offer.

It’s easier than ever to create a stunning looking website

Even if you don’t feel like learning to code, platforms like Wix and Squarespace allow you to create a professional-looking website within minutes. These sites have drag and drop website building tools; free templates and lots of customizable features.

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