Notes from November

🌍 Working on FutureNatures, StopWatch, and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap for Common Knowledge ✏️ Redesigning my personal website in WordPress 🗣 Practicing mock assessments for my apprenticeship portfolio review.

Kelly Sikkema Photo

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What I’ve been working on

This month has been full of a few different projects.

What I’ve been learning

Over the past month I’ve learnt how to:

What’s next

In December I’ll be working exclusively on my final project which will be a redesign and rebuild of the Common Knowledge website. This project and its documentation will form the second half of my grade for my apprenticeship. I’ll be the primary developer on this project which involves migrating the current Gatsby site with content in Markdown to the Django Wagtail CMS. I’ll be aiming to make a maintainable, performant and accessible website that will serve the business needs of Common Knowledge.

Interesting links

These are some interesting links that I’ve come across this month.