Notes from July

Security scanning; block-based themes and building Gutenberg blocks in WordPress 🧱 Launching the Architecture Lobby website 🏢 Debugging a Django app using the Shopify Python API 🛒

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

What I’ve been working on

This month I’ve made a staging environment for my new personal website on Netlify and put the first (very basic) version of the site live. I’ve been impressed at how quickly I was able to transfer across much of the existing content from Gatsby and how nice Eleventy is to use. At Common Knowledge I’ve been improving the new Architecture Lobby site’s visual fidelity to its Figma design and removing redundant code ahead of its launch. I also pair programmed with a colleague to debug an issue with syncing products to a Django app using the Shopify Python API. This involved thinking about Python data types; checking that the API was returning valid JSON and running migrations to update the Postgres database.

What I’ve been learning

This month I’ve been learning how to:

What’s next

In August I’m going to be creating a workflow for handling WordPress multisite installations with Bedrock. I’m also expecting to start work on a new website for a project called Solidarity Knows No Borders which is part of the Migrants Organise Campaign Group. I’ve already done some technical discovery for this project including research on how to implement a map that displays locations of local groups within the organisation. I’m planning to add some styling to the blog page on my new personal site. I would like to spend some time thinking about the structure behind my approach to the WordPress Full Site Editor and what is appropriate to put in templates versus page content or patterns.

Interesting links

These are some interesting links that I’ve come across this month: