Notes from June

Google Analytics migration to GA4 🔍Design QA for SWARM website 💅 Diving into WordPress Full Site Editor for developers 🤿Tech discovery for Solidarity Knows No Borders 🧭

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

What I’ve been working on

This month I’ve been working on a Google Analytics integration with the Left Book Club website. This involved migrating to Google Analytics 4 and setting up custom events to measure ecommerce events such as purchases and subscriptions on the site. I’ve been completing design QA tickets on the SWARM website and finishing pages like search and category index pages as well as thinking about how to add an application form page that won’t be indexed by search engines. Finally, I’ve begun working on my personal portfolio site with static site generator Eleventy.

What I’ve been learning

This month I’ve been learning how to:

What’s next

In July I want to get an MVP of my personal portfolio site online. I will also be moving this blog across to the new site so next month's notes will be posted there ⭐ I will be helping finish off the build for the Architecture Lobby website. I am expecting to start work on a website redesign and build for Solidarity Knows No Borders which is a campaign group and coalition run by Migrants Organise.

Interesting links

These are some interesting links that I’ve come across this month: